Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I Learned from "King Corn" and "Chew On This"

~What I learned from "Chew on This" is that:
1. the food at fast food places are not real food.
2. chicken nuggets has really no chicken in them at all, its edible paste.
3. the different types of  dieases you can get from the chickens and cows.
4. its better to get free range chicken.
~What I learned from "King Corn" is that:
1. Cows are feed  corn, which isnt good for them. free range cow(cows eatting grass) is way better.
2. corn is in mostly everything we eat.
3. the different types of weeds that can grow in a corn field.
4. waste from a farm equals to 1.7 million people in a city.
5. one soda aday doubles your chance to T2D, rather than drinking it once in awhile
~What can I do to have an impact on the way food is produced?
1. have petitions- to have free range chicken and cows eatting grass rather than eatting corn.
2. show how bad animals are -what they eat and how they are being treated-->shows what are they consuming, which shows us what we are eatting is unhealthy.


  1. I like how you made everything look like a list.

  2. interesting..but im mad that chicken nuggets are made from edible paste..yuckk

  3. I think the list is interesting. I'm curious what your opinion is about all this.

  4. i like the pic it looks liek somethign off of Charlie the unicorn. lol Also the facts were good to.